Me, Jordan, and everyone at Gradient Comics are now proud to present pages 5-8 of The Electro-Magnetic Timeshift Man! The next batch of pages will drop in two weeks on May 17, or you can go ahead and get the whole book now via IndyPlanet! I’m working on getting a downloadable .PDF for the issue, as well, and will update this and the previous two posts when I do! Exclamation points!

Before I forget, the Dallas Comic Con is coming up in a few weeks and our old friend and The Unstoppable Force artist Taylor Lymbery will have a booth! Hopefully we’ll be able to have some UF books available there, too! And let’s not forget about Robert Frost’s The Big Z, updating weekly, y’all! More exclamation points!!


Oh, and don’t forget to check out my work on! And if you got here from there, welcome! The last exclamation points!!!